Ali and John found each other in the summer of 2013 in Kansas City. They started emailing, then texting. Ali had to change her phone plan to allow for unlimited texting as a result. They met in person for the first time on July 15 at the Foundry in Westport, and got along quickly. After an awkward good-night hug, Ali sent John a text saying she looked forward to going out again, putting John's nervous fears to bed. Plans were made to get together a week later, but they just couldn't keep apart. What was to be the second date turned out to be the fifth date.

Very shortly into their time together, both Ali and John decided there was nobody else for them. Ali referred to it as, "cashing in her chips." They both agreed by September that they'd be together forever. By March 27, 2014, John got his act together and proposed. They were meeting friends at a new hotel bar in town, so John arrived at Ali's place a bit early. She was dressed and doing her hair when he walked in. Markie, Ali's dog, greeted John at the door, and lost bladder control when he kissed Ali hello.

John left Ali to continue her preparations, and Markie followed him into the living room, where she made another puddle. John sheepishly reported this to Ali, clutching the ring in his pocket. Ali came out of the bathroom with a spray bottle and a roll of towels and was cleaning up the mess when John looked out the window and resolutely said to himself, "This is the best chance I'll probably get."

Ali stood up, facing away from John, and John said, "Ali, I have good news and bad news." Ali rolled her eyes at John's silly attempt to be mysterious, and said, "Oh yeah? What's that?"

"The good news is," -- John dropped to one knee and held up the ring --"Will you marry me?"

Ali turned to face John, lunged, and started kissing him. After a bit of this John pushed her away, as no vocal answer had been given. "...Well?" he asked.

Exasperated by the requirement for spoken language, Ali shouted, "Yes!" and resumed her affection.

Here are some pictures of Ali and John, taken throughout their time together.

engagement.jpg chicago.jpg boulder.jpg peanut.jpg weston.jpg train.jpg overbrook2.jpg copter.jpg brick.jpg overbrook.jpg flowers.jpg sanfran.jpg weston.jpg hotel.jpg